Caribbean Military Technical Training Institute (CMTTI)

The Caribbean Military Technical Training Institute (CMTTI) prepares trainees to perform in various construction, electrical and mechanical roles to meet the needs of the JDF community, the nation at large and regional partners.

CMTTI aims to develop its students’ technical skills as well as the values and attitudes that will increase their effectiveness and productivity. The Institute also aims to provide opportunities for ongoing training and development of prospective and current military personnel; and to develop partnerships with key stakeholders in relevant industries both locally and internationally, in order to facilitate and enhance the continuous growth of these industries.

CMTTI was formerly known as the Jamaica Defence Force Technical Training Institute (JDF TTI). It was established through a partnership with the HEART NSTA Trust in January 2008, resulting from the Strategic Defence Review conducted by the JDF in 2006 which recommended that an artisan training school be established to meet the requirements of 1 Engineer Regiment (JDF) and other units of the JDF as necessary. The CMTTI was established to provide training to meet the occupational standards of Armed Forces and other uniform bodies through Competency Based Education and Training (CBET).

CMTTI is equipped with modern technology as well as qualified and competent staff with years of experience; staff are trained at international standards and deliver lessons using the learner-centred approach, using a combination of the following teaching strategies:

  • Lectures
  • Break - out sessions
  • Group work
  • Site visits
  • In class presentation
  • Practical activities
  • Individual research
  • Demonstration
  • Simulation


To produce certified, qualified and competent workers in trades consistent with the standards of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), and with changing technology and in direct response to the needs of the Force, country and region.

Vision Statement

The JDF TTI will strive to be the premier artisan skills training centre in Jamaica and the Caribbean; providing highly efficient, adaptable and effective artisans for the Armed Forces of the region. The JDF TTI will be defined by an experienced, qualified staff that will remain acquainted with the latest changes in technology, will strive to always improve, and will always encourage excellence from the students.


“Skills for Service”


The Caribbean Military Technical Training Institute (CMTTI) is an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) with the National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET).

Participants who successfully complete courses at the CMTTI are awarded Accredited certification which are recognized in CARICOM and Commonwealth countries. The award is proof that graduates have the skills, knowledge and understanding to perform in accordance to workplace requirements. The award is based on the demonstration of performance outlined in the Competency Standards for a qualification.

The NVQ-J certification is awarded at the following levels:

  • Level 1 - Directly Supervised Worker
  • Level 2 - Supervised Skilled Worker
  • Level 3 - Supervisor
  • Level 4 - Middle Manager
Caribbean Military Technical Training Institute (CMTTI) Courses
CMTTI Up Park Camp Campus CMTTI Cornwall CMTTI Flanker
Carpentry Level 2 Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning System Level 2 Food and Beverage (Bartending) Level 2
Air Conditioning And Refrigeration (Ac) 2 and 3 Motor Vehicle Engine Systems Level 2 Housekeeping (Linen Room Attendant) Level 2
Welding & Fabrication Level 2 and 3 Motor Vehicle Repairs Level 2 & 3 Food and Beverage Restaurant Service (Hosting) Level 2
Advanced Welding Level 4 Motor Vehicle Electrical/Electronic Systems Level 2 Hotel Property Maintenance Level 3
Electrical Installation Level 2 and 3 Automotive Service Centre Management Level 4  
Electrical Installation Inspection Level 4 Data Operations Level 2  
General Construction Level 2 and 3    
Building Construction Level 4