The Academy

About the Caribbean Military Academy

The CMA’s aim is to shift from standard military training practices to effectively operate as an academically accredited institution. The CMA in essence controls standards, programming and institutional support services for all the training institutions within the JDF. The Academy focuses on internationally recognized standards, raising the profile of military training and education to a higher level of academia. By doing so, military personnel, despite rank, will have the tools to not only function more effectively in the military arena but also when they enter the workforce, following their commitment of service.

The Caribbean Military Academy (CMA) was established on 1 May 2019 to function as a Military University, becoming the first of its kind in the Caribbean. Capitalising on the rich military heritage of Jamaica and the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), the CMA represents Jamaica to the region and the world through world class education and training while building the Jamaica Defence Force into a military that will meet the requirements of the nation for the next century and beyond. The Caribbean Military Academy is the foremost military academic institution in the region that will provide tertiary level education and certification through adaptable, innovative and professional learning environment.

Caribbean Military Academy

Established May 2019


To provide internationally recognised and accredited education and training, and military doctrine to meet the demands of an evolving world environment, driven by innovative and relevant research and adaptable technologies.


The Caribbean Military Academy shall be the premier research institution providing tertiary level and vocational training and education impacting Jamaica, the region and the world.

Core Values

The CMA is grounded in our Core Values of Excellence, Ethics and Service as well as in the JDF Values of Courage, Commitment, Honour, Integrity, Loyalty and Discipline.


“EDUCATE, EMPOWER, EVOLVE” connotes the aptitude and the mental fortitude of the CMA and is an enabler to the Force’s intent of nation building, through steadfast diligence. Importantly, it promotes a sense of mental preparedness and alertness in order to achieve self-actualization and organizational goals.


“I am a Caribbean Military Academy Scholar and I embrace my responsibility for the preservation of the honour and integrity of all past, present and future members of the Caribbean Military Academy.

I will strive to exemplify the core values of the JDF which guides the operation of the Academy: Courage, Commitment, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Discipline for the advancement of the Academy.

I will strive to govern my university life in keeping with the principles and standards of the Academy, practicing personal and academic integrity.

I will strive to epitomize the motto of the Academy: Educate, Empower, Evolve and will demonstrate academic excellence through mental fortitude and steadfast diligence.

I will celebrate and express pride in the Caribbean Military Academy and I pledge to use my knowledge and skills gained to the benefit of the Country, Region and the World.”