Jamaica National Service Corp

Basic Recruit Training (BRT)

Duration: Sixteen (16) weeks

Location: Caribbean Infantry Training Center

The aim of the BRT is to graduate Pte (NS) who are able to function effectively as a member of a section/team in basic JDF administrative...

Intermediate Training

Duration: Six (6) weeks

Location: Caribbean Millitary Academy

The aim of the Intermediate Training is to equip the Pte (NS) with more enhanced military and life skills, to better integrate into the JDF...

Support Arms On-the-job Training (OJT)

Duration: Eight (8) weeks

Location: JDF Units

The aim of the Support Arms OJT is to further equip the Pte (NS) with specialized military and life skills to better integrate...

Infantry OJT

Duration: Twelve (12) weeks

Location: The Jamaica Regiment

The Infantry OJT aims to expose the JNSC Pte (NS) to the rigours and daily routine of the Infantry unit within Garrison, to include...

Infantry Qualification Course (IQC)

Duration: Eight (8) weeks

Location: Caribbean Millitary Academy

The IQC is an Infantry employment-specific and Infantry trade-qualifying course which culminates in the member being upgraded...

Workforce Entry Training (WET)

Duration: Four (4) weeks

Location: Up Park Camp

This aspect of the JNSC programme refines essential skills that participants will need to prepare effectively to be part of the workforce...