Caribbean Institute of Cyber Science (CICSci)

The Caribbean Institute of Cyber Science (CICSci) was established in June 2020 as part of the national strategy and initiative to build and maintain cybersecurity capacities and capabilities at the national and regional levels. As such, CICSci is a national institution that serves the military, other governmental agencies and civilians primarily through the design and delivery of programmes and courses that meet the needs of these key stakeholders.

The establishment of CICSci is timely, given the continued escalation and growing sophistication of cybercrimes and breaches and the growing demand for current and dynamic capabilities to identify combat and learn from these crimes, breaches and technological advances. The need for CICSci is further underlined by a 2016 OAS Report which concluded that our region is not yet ready to tackle the challenges of cybersecurity and cybercrime largely due to limited capabilities in different areas. The 2019 Global Workforce Study further declared that there are significant skills gaps in the field of security worldwide and over 600,000 skilled personnel are required in Latin America and The Caribbean.

The goal of CICSci is therefore to develop a strong, vibrant, professional and skilled cyber-workforce that has the skills, knowledge and abilities in cyber-security, cyber-defence and related areas. CICSci aims to develop these capacities and capabilities through the design and delivery of robust cyber programmes and the undertaking of rigorous research that addresses the needs and issues of the diverse stakeholder groups in Jamaica and the region. We are confident that this approach will facilitate a holistic, evolving knowledge base that serves the needs of the country and the region, derived from trends and activities in the cyber domain, best standards, frameworks and practices.

Our programmes and courses are currently at the design and development stage and are intended to span core areas of cybersecurity and relevant mandates of the Force. The courses therefore will encompass systems security, infrastructural security, software and platform security, behaviourial analysis, regulatory compliance and other core areas.

Download Caribbean Cybersecurity Training Needs Assessment - 2022 - Public Version

Our Mission, Vision and Motto are:


To enable the development of best of class cyber capabilities through the provision of world-class cyber security training, education, research and innovation.


To empower national and regional workforces in accordance with best of class standards to solve cyber-related challenges, issues and threats in defense of their countries and organizations.


Detect. Protect. Adapt.