CMA Moneague

Caribbean Military Academy Moneague (CIPME)

The Caribbean Institute of Professional Military Education (CIPME) focuses on the delivery of Professional Military Education and Leadership Programmes. These programmes are delivered in practical military components and with rigorous academic requirements to enable Officers, WOs, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers and designated civilian personnel to be key players in their respective armed forces and law enforcement organizations. The programmes offered focus on leveraging military experience, critical leadership skills, and doctrinal practice and thought to enable graduates to effectively handle the increasing sophistication and complexity of the contemporary operating environment.

CIPME was formerly known as the Caribbean Junior Command and Staff College (CJCSC). It was constructed through the efforts of participants on Exercise Tropical Hammer 08-01/02 in 2009 and stands as a symbol of the partnership between Canada and Jamaica.

The Institute is now located at the Moneague Training Camp, St Ann. Prior to this, it was housed in the cool climes of the Newcastle Training Depot, St Andrew under the auspices of the Support and Services Battalion.

The Institute developed the now Caribbean Junior Command and Staff Course (formerly Jamaica Junior Command and Staff Course). The programme was borne out of the need to equip junior officers with the requisite knowledge and skills to perform junior and intermediate staff functions with excellence at the Unit and Headquarters level and also command functions at Sub-Unit level within the context of a formation/Brigade.

Over the years the course offerings were expanded to include the development of senior enlisted military members, as well as the mid-level leadership of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Some of the courses delivered include the Caribbean Junior Command and Staff Course, Training Development Officers Basic Qualification Course and the Warrant Officers’ Course.

The delivery of courses at the CIPME requires students to be physically present with the exception of CJCSC Part One which is completed 100% via distance delivery. No on-campus components are required and students can connect to classrooms virtually via online/distance media.

CMA Moneague Courses