The Military Museum

The Jamaica Military Museum

The Jamaica Military Museum and Library (JMML), located at Up Park Camp, is the regional hub for scholarly research and artefacts relating to the military history of Jamaica and the Caribbean. The JMML comprises both a museum in which military history and relevant artefacts pertaining to Jamaica are preserved and a library which continues to improve its suite of materials for the needs of the students of the CMA.

The museum offerings include a range of experiences and exhibitions designed for military personnel, schools and the general public, meeting the wide interest in the intriguing history of the JDF and our partner militaries. The library is equipped with relevant printed and electronic resources of historic military, strategic and tactical information.

The JMML also promotes greater awareness of the military contributions made by Jamaicans and conducts research into military history for exhibitions and bespoke client inquiries. The JMML organizes and hosts public lectures and collaborates with academic and cultural agencies to present new research to the general public.

In addition to the location at Up Park Camp, there is a recently completed Museum Newcastle in the Caribbean Infantry Training Centre in the Blue Mountain range.