Caribbean Military Aviation School (CMAS)

The Caribbean Military Aviation School (CMAS) trains the future pilots and aircraft technicians for the Jamaica Defence Force and partner nation militaries.

The aim of CMAS is to develop our students’ analytical, decision-making, flying and maintenance skills through rigorous and structured training using a fleet of Diamond DA40s, DA42s and Bell 206Bs creating well trained military aircrew. CMAS offers students the opportunity to develop professional military aviation knowledge to the Military Wings Standard in a diverse training environment whilst studying alongside your Jamaican military counterparts.

CMAS began life in December 2006 as the Jamaica Military Aviation School (JMAS). The school was established through significant financial support from the Government of Canada with implementation by the Directorate of Military Training Cooperation (DMTC). At inception, the programme was designed primarily to train pilots to outfit the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Air Wing, with the vision to train aircraft technicians while replicating the Canadian Forces model. The initial branding was appropriate for the sphere of operations, the assets and capability available to conduct training.

On 25 August 2012, the School was renamed the Caribbean Military Aviation School (CMAS) to recognize its regional mandate. CMAS then integrated the Department of Aircraft Technician Training (DATT); the first cohort of students in this department commenced training on 27 August 2012.

Mission Statement of the Caribbean Military Aviation School (CMAS)

We are committed to providing high quality teaching, underpinned by powerful instructional resources. We are confident that our curriculum will offer a strong foundation in key aviation functions that will allow your students to carve their niche as experts in the aviation industry.

We contribute to our Mission by:

  • acting as a gateway to basic and higher aviation education for all students working with local, regional and international partners and communities;
  • enhancing the quality of students/critical thinking abilities and problem solving skills.

Caribbean Military Aviation School (CMAS) Courses