Food and Beverage Restaurant Service (Hosting) Level 2

Duration: ten (10) months

Location: Caribbean Military Technical Training Institute (Flanker)


This course is aimed at persons who are desirous of working in the hospitality industry as waiters/waitresses, servers, hosts/hostesses.


  • Buffet service
  • Fine dining service
  • Fast food operations
  • Menu planning
  • Food Safety
  • Preparing and serving non-alcoholic beverages

Entry Requirement

Any NVQ-J Level 1 certification or successful completion of the HEART NSTA Trust Diagnostic Test or at least one (1) CSEC or GCE subject

Qualification Gained

NVQ-J Level 2 Certificate in Food and Beverage Restaurant Service (Hosting). The NVQ-J Certification is recognized in all CARICOM and Commonwealth countries.