Caribbean Infantry Training Center (CITC)

The CITC is responsible for training all personnel entering the JDF and developing the enlisted corps from the basic to Service the senior management. CITC currently offers 10 courses. The flagship course is the Jamaica National Corps (JNSC) Basic Recruit Training (BRT). This is a sixteen (16) week programme that caters to new persons attempting to join the JDF.

All courses/programmes have Qualifications and Standards Plans (QSP) that go to great detail to explain the conduct, objectives and performance checks for these courses.

The QSPs are available for review at the Detachment Orderly Room during work hours. It is school policy to have a physical copy in the classrooms. Soft copies are available via email or Google Drive.

CITC courses explore themes such as tactics and defence strategies; military rules and policies; planning and conducting military operations; leadership and management; decision-making; mass communication; event planning and execution. The range of courses is designed to enhance the development of future leaders within our defence force.

The CITC has two training locations (Newcastle Hill Station St Andrew and the Cornwall Automotive Training Institute (CATI) in Montego Bay, St James).


The vision of CITC is to be the foremost infantry school to equip senior and junior leaders with the appropriate professional skills and competencies through a flexible, adaptable and innovative educational environment enabling NCOs to operate in diverse, dynamic and challenging environments both regionally and internationally.

CITC Courses