Motor Vehicle Electrical Electronic Systems Level 2

Duration: ten (10) months

Location:Caribbean Military Technical Training Institute (Cornwall)


This competency-based course prepares students in the core skills for entry-level positions in the Automotive Technology Industry as an Auto Electrical Electronic Systems Technician.


  • Fundamental concept in automotive electrical & electronic systems theory
  • Electrical systems components and functions
  • Test and repair electrical circuits
  • Understanding automotive charging and starting systems
  • Test, service and repair charging and starting systems
  • Install, test and repair vehicle electrical security system (alarm)
  • Theory of electronic engine management systems
  • Test, repair and install electrical accessories/systems: headlights, horns, signal lights, specialty lamps
  • Identify and evaluate input sensors indicators

Entry Requirement

Any NVQ-J Level 1 certification or successful completion of the HEART NSTA Trust Diagnostic Test or at least one (1) CSEC or GCE subject

Qualification Gained

  • NVQ-J Level 2 Certificate in Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems. The NVQ-J Certification is recognized in all CARICOM and Commonwealth countries.