Motor Vehicle Engine Systems Level 2

Duration:eight (8) months

Location:Caribbean Military Technical Training Institute (Cornwall)


This programme is designed to produce persons to efficiently work in areas relating to automotive engine systems of cars and other light vehicles.


  • Principles of automotive engines
  • Major components and functions of automotive engines
  • Engine size measurement
  • Calculating force and power
  • Understanding compression ratio
  • Cylinder head & engine block design and construction
  • Valve train arrangements
  • Remove, dismantle and replace cylinder heads and blocks
  • Evaluate components in cylinder head and block
  • Overhaul cylinder head
  • Inspecting , testing , and repairing cooling system
  • Automotive fuel-system components
  • Introduction to fuel-distribution system
  • Troubleshooting fuel-injection systems
  • Troubleshooting Anti-locking Brake systems
  • Tuning electronic ignition systems
  • Cooling-system components
  • Technical drawing
  • Business communication and interpersonal relationship
  • Computation and calculations

Entry Requirement

Any NVQ-J Level 1 certification or successful completion of the HEART NSTA Trust Diagnostic Test or at least one (1) CSEC or GCE subject

Qualification Gained

  • NVQ-J Level 2 Certificate in Motor vehicle Engine Systems. The NVQ-J Certification is recognized in all CARICOM and Commonwealth countries.