Events & Publications

Events & Publications

The Caribbean Journal of Strategic Security Studies (featuring The Moneague Papers)

The Jamaica Defence Force continues to strengthen its ability to undertake long-range strategic assessments, identify possible future scenarios, and then to develop the specific capacites needed to mitigate...

Caribbean Journal of Strategic Security Studies

At the crossroads of the Western Hemisphere, the Caribbean Basin assumes a degree of importance far beyond the size of the countries and economies in the region. The sub-region is an increasingly complex and challenging environment.

Completion of the Wings Course

On October 1, Brigadier Radgh Mason, President of the #CaribbeanMilitaryAcademy, presented wings to members of the Belize, Guatemala and Trinidad and Tobago Defence Forces after their successful completion of the Wings Course (Multi-Engine) 19/01 at the Caribbean Military Aviation School (CMAS).

Journal of Military and Strategic Studies

China’s military spending rose by 83 percent in real terms between 2009 and 2018. China’s leader, Xi Jinping has stated that his “Chinese Dream” includes a...

Research and Study Impact

International Institute of Business AnalysisTM (IIBA®) embarked on this transformative research and impact study to reflect the essential role of the business analyst. The study is intended to serve as a common voice...

Trade and Investment in a Digital Age

This report aims to capture the substantive outcomes from several years of collaboration between Papua New Guinea and the World Economic Forum in forging a new development path based on digital trade and investment.