Combat & Security

Range Management Qualification Course

Duration: four (4) weeks

Location: Caribbean Special Tactics Centre


The Range Management Qualification Course is designed to teach the operator the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to clarify. The course covers safety for range activities; preparation of the range for firing activities; production of written instructions to support firing activities; range accident/incident procedures; and closing the range after firing restrictions.


  • Skill at arms
  • Coaching, zeroing & safety supervising
  • Manipulation of the pamphlet 21
  • Range action safety plan (RASP)
  • Range stores & range recce
  • Range practice
  • Fire arm training simulator (FATS)
  • CQB and grenade throwing
  • Range action safety plan (RASP)
  • Range stores & range recce

Entry Requirements

Students must be the ranks of Second Lieutenant to Captain, Warrant Officers or Senior Non-Commissioned Officers’. Nominees of the regular Force are required to have twelve (12) months uninterrupted BFST currency, whilst a current BFST is required for the reserve Force. A MST pass is required for both regular and reserve Force

Qualification Gained

  • Completion of this course may allow for progression to a full management role overseeing range safety teams.