Instructional Techniques


Location: CMA Newcastle


The Instructional Techniques Course, commonly called the Instructor Course, is a four-week training programme oriented primarily to the enlisted corps of the JDF. This course aims to develop the leadership and instructing capabilities of Senior and Junior Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) of the JDF. It is designed to develop the instructional capability at all levels. It will not be geared specifically towards infantry senior and junior NCOs; however, knowledge of basic Infantry tactics will be helpful as the course is navigated.


  • Barrack Room Procedures
  • Range Management
  • Coaching/Zeroing
  • Drill
  • Field Craft
  • Methods of Instruction
  • Parade Procedures
  • Physical Fitness
  • Recruit Documentation
  • Skill at Arms
  • Counselling Subordinates

Entry Requirements

Candidates must successfully complete the relevant interviews and screening by HQ JDF. A medical examination is also done to pass the individual as medically fit for military training.

Overseas students are required to meet the relevant fitness standard of their country.

Qualification Gained

  • Certificate