Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) Cadre

Duration: Six (6) weeks

Location: CMA Newcastle


The SNCO Cadre course aims to develop the leadership capabilities of service members who have attained the rank of Corporal and to provide them with the knowledge and skills required to enable them to command a Platoon effectively in war and peacetime operations.


  • Tactics
  • Map Reading
  • Military Law
  • Drill
  • Communication
  • Method of Instructions
  • Leadership
  • Signals
  • Range Management
  • First Aid
  • SAA (Skill at arms)
  • Orders
  • Internal Security Operations

The SNCO Cadre has two (2) phases, the garrison phase where students learn the different subject areas in a classroom environment and the second phase where students perform practical exercises to include field exercises, range and disaster preparedness. The Field Exercise requires students to execute missions based on specific scenarios given, as well as to practice the theoretical, conventional and urban tactics that learned during the garrison phase

  • Platoon Battle Drills
  • Harboring Drills
  • Internal security
  • Patrolling Drills
  • Ambush Drills
  • Orders

Entry Requirements

Nominees of the JDF Regular Force are required to have twelve (12) months uninterrupted BFST currency, whilst a current Basic Fitness Standard Test (BFST) is required for the Reserve Force. A Military Swim Test (MST) pass is required for both the Regular and Reserve Force.

Overseas students are required to meet the relevant fitness standard of their country.

Qualification Gained

  • Certificate