Warrant Officers’ Course (WOC)

Duration: Six (6) weeks

Location: CMA Moneague


The aim of this course is to develop the candidates with the qualifications and leadership capabilities necessary, to successfully operate at the rank of Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2).


  • Drill and Ceremonial Parades
  • Military Law and Civil
  • Mess Rules and Customs
  • Leadership and Management
  • Social Etiquette
  • Communication and Use of English
  • Public Speaking and Elocution
  • Military Protocol
  • Counselling
  • Information Technology
  • The Law of Armed Conflict

  • Students will be required to sit written exams on all subject areas.

Entry Requirements

Nominees of the JDF Regular Force are required to have twelve (12) months uninterrupted Basic Fitness Standard Test (BFST) currency, whilst a current BFST is required for the Reserve Force. A Military Swim Test (MST) pass is required for both the Regular and Reserve Force.

Overseas students are required to meet the relevant fitness standard of their country.

Qualification Gained

  • Certificate