Junior Officers' Course

Duration: Six (6) weeks

Location: CMA Newcastle


This course is aimed at preparing Junior Commissioned Officers to:

  • Perform effectively in their primary role as Platoon Commanders or equivalent.
  • Perform functions of a general nature that are appropriate to their rank and service.
  • Provide the foundation for their subsequent professional development.


The subject areas to be covered on this course are as follows:

  • Military Customs and Traditions
  • Military and Civil Law
  • Drill
  • Basic Service Writing Principles/Procedures
  • Map Reading
  • Skill at Arms
  • Battle Procedure (Combat Estimates and Orders)
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Operational Planning and Conduct
  • Law of Armed Conflict

Entry Requirements

Nominees of the JDF Regular Force are required to have twelve (12) months uninterrupted Basic Fitness Standard Test (BFST) currency, whilst a current BFST is required for the Reserve Force. A Military Swim Test (MST) pass is required for both the Regular and Reserve Force.

Overseas students are required to meet the relevant fitness standard of their country.

Qualification Gained

  • Certificate