Doctorate in Strategic Leadership

Duration: Four (4) Years

Location: CMA, UWI

The Caribbean Military Academy (CMA) is currently in discussion with the University of the West Indies (UWI) regarding the introduction of a doctorate (PhD) in Strategic Leadership. This is one potential output of the recently concluded CMA/UWI Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the UWI and the CMA.

The aim of this programme is to develop leaders at the highest level of scholarship and application in strategic leadership. While initially the programme will be targeted at the officer cohort and other qualified applicants within the Jamaica Defence Force, the goal is to market the programme to others within the security industry. The proposal is for this to be an academic degree (as distinct from a professional qualification).

Requirements for matriculation, the programme content and other aspects of both teaching and learning will be consistent with those of the UWI which will grant the degree.

The programme is being developed by a committee that consists of representatives of both institutions – the CMA and the UWI – as well as external support of academics with the experience of both tertiary academic programme design and the peculiar military inputs.

TThe discussions to date have been held with Faculty of Social Sciences; the departmental location of the programme will be finalized pending further discussions.

All documentation is now being finalized to facilitate the submission of the proposal for approval in the early Fall Semester of 2020/1.