Patrol Craft Coxswain (IPV) Course

Duration: five (5) weeks

Location: Caribbean Military Maritime Training Centre


The aim of this Course is to provide candidates with the specialized training in the employment, selection and operation of a 32-foot and 40-foot patrol craft in the coastal environment supporting interdiction, counter-terrorism and counter narcotics operations.


  • Coxswain duties and responsibilities
  • Patrol boat systems: safety features; emergency procedures and maintenance
  • Basic coxswain skills including ramp launch and recovery, mooring and pier tie-offs, tight space maneuvering and high-speed maneuvering
  • Maritime safety: international traffic rules and regulations, navigational aids, light markers, controlled area boundary markers; navigation in congested port environments
  • Handling security breaches
  • Inter-agency responses

Entry Requirements

The candidates must have completed:

  • Have attained C3 (Basic Seaman General Duties) seamanship qualification or equivalent
  • Must be familiar with small craft operations and be in good health
  • Current BFST and MST or equivalent
  • Candidates must be adept at weapon handling

Qualification Gained

  • Military Qualification: Certificate
  • Civil Qualification: Coxswain Qualification/ Coastal Mate MAJ