Naval Boarding Party Course

Duration: one (1) Month

Location: Caribbean Military Maritime Training Centre


The Naval Boarding Party Course prepares officers for boarding, searching and securing vessels. It covers weapons handling, use of force, tactical search procedures, hazardous materials awareness, and other boarding procedures. Training takes place across multiple sites including (vessel or mock-up vessel), (location) for training in small arms, (location) for close-quarter combat training, a gym and classroom.


Emphasis will be placed on the following subject areas:

  • NBP equipment
  • Team configuration
  • Legal framework and policies
  • Conduct of NBP operations
  • Employing NBP communications
  • Evidence gathering
  • Weapons (Glock 9mm, M4 rifle and the tactical baton)
  • Securing vessels of interest
  • Securing personnel
  • Handcuffing (flex cuff)
  • Conducting searches

Entry Requirements

The candidates must have completed:

  • Possess a high level of physical fitness, stamina and agility
  • Be adept and current in weapons handling
  • Be recommended by his/her commanding officer
  • Must be military, police or a member of a border protection agency (eg Customs Agency)
  • Must possess moderate physical endurance and capability

Qualification Gained

  • Successful completion of this course constitutes the primary means of attaining the Naval Boarding Party (Basic) qualification. The Basic qualifications remains valid however if the member has not been employed with the NBP for two years it is recommended that he/she undergo a refresher course.