Advanced Naval Boarding Party Course

Duration: four (4) weeks

Location: Caribbean Military Maritime Training Centre


Building on the Naval Boarding Party Course, the advanced course aims to strengthen officers’ skills and knowledge in boarding, searching and securing ships. The course covers supervisory responsibilities including the planning and execution of boarding operations, communications, intelligence gathering, shipboard documentation, and leadership.


Emphasis will be placed on the following subject areas:

  • Team configuration
  • Legal framework and policies
  • Conduct of NBP operations
  • Evidence gathering
  • Weapons (Glock 9mm, M4 rifle and the tactical baton)
  • Securing vessels of interest
  • Securing personnel
  • Handcuffing (flex cuff)
  • Conducting searches

Entry Requirements

The candidates must:

  • Possess a high level of physical fitness, stamina and agility
  • Be adept and current in weapons handling
  • Be recommended by his/her commanding officer
  • Completed the basic naval boarding party course

Qualification Gained

  • Certificate.