First Lieutenant (1st Lt) Course

Duration: six (6) weeks

Location: Caribbean Military Maritime Training Centre


The aim of this Course is to provide candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to function independently and effectively in the performance of their duties as the 1st Lt onboard mid-sized offshore patrol boat.


  • Conduct blind pilotage.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of celestial
  • Navigation
  • Prepare ship for sea
  • Coordinate ship husbandry
  • Conduct shipboard drills
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the engineering systems onboard
  • Damen spawn 4207
  • Conduct mooring of vessel
  • Conduct advanced ship handling
  • Coordinate towing operations

Entry Requirements

The candidates must have completed:

  • Naval officers’ orientation course (NOOC)
  • Bridge watch keeping course
  • SAR operator course
  • Naval boarding party (NBP) course
  • Eighteen (18) months sea time as a qualified bridge watch keeper
  • BFST and MST currency
  • Young officer course

Qualification Gained.

  • On successful completion of the Course candidates will receive a certificate of completion.
  • Successful completion of this course constitutes the primary means of attaining the basic skills and knowledge required of a 1st Lieutenant and the candidate becomes qualified to sit the 1st Lieutenant Board; the basis for promotion to Lieutenant (senior grade).