Junior Command and Staff Programme (JCSP)

Duration: Eighteen (18) weeks

Location: CMA Moneague


The CJCSC constitutes an important step in the military education of junior officers. This course is aimed at preparing junior officers to perform junior and intermediate staff functions with excellence at the Unit and Headquarters levels and command functions at the Sub-Unit level within the context of a Brigade. It is emphasized that students are not in competition with one another, but each must be self-motivated. Each student is encouraged to attain his or her full potential while on the course. In this respect, the CJCSC is a self-development programme.

Entry Requirements

Nominees of the JDF Regular Force are required to have twelve (12) months uninterrupted Basic Fitness Standard Test (BFST) currency, whilst a current BFST is required for the Reserve Force. A Military Swim Test (MST) pass is required for both the Regular and Reserve Force.

Overseas students are required to meet the relevant fitness standard of their country.

Qualification Gained

  • A Pass Certificate is awarded to successful students, in addition to the post nominal ‘passed junior staff course’ or ‘pjsc’.