Initial Officer Training Programme

Initial Officer Training Programme (IOTP) Brochure View Brochure

Duration: Fifteen (15) weeks, over one (1) year

Location: CMA Newcastle


The aim of the IOTP is to prepare selected officer cadets to perform duties and fill roles at the basic officer level of leadership required for the JDF. The IOTP syllabus comprises the fundamental subject areas of the commissioning course at RMAS, outlined as follows:

Leadership and Management on the battlefield and in barracks including:

  • How to analyse, plan and communicate effectively
  • How to control and complete tasks and evaluate progress and outcomes
  • Application of the Values and Standards expected of a Military Officer
  • Application of communication and behavioural science techniques

Basic Military Competencies

  • Teamwork
  • Combat fitness
  • Weapon handling (Platoon level)
  • Operate communications equipment (Platoon/ Company Level)
  • Navigation
  • Battlefield First Aid
  • Basic Fieldcraft
  • Application of basic tactics (Platoon/ Company Level)

Academic Development

  • War studies-analysis of previous conflicts.
  • Analysis of current Allied Military Doctrine.
  • Analysis of conflict, and the current political and strategic context.
  • Entry Rank – Officer Cadets.

Entry Requirements

Potential officers are identified by the JDF Officer Selection Board (OSB) or the equivalent assessment/selection process in their home country/parent organization. The minimum requirements for admission are outlined as follows:

Physical Fitness – On arrival, the officer cadet must be able to pass the Recruit Evaluation Fitness Test (Entry).

English Language Proficiency – Non-English-speaking students will be admitted, provided that they achieve a minimum level of five point five (5.5) in the International English Language Testing Scheme (IELTS), with no lower than five (5) in any language skills (for cadets whose first language is not English).

Computer Literacy – An entrant must have met all Base Module requirements of the International Computer Driver’s Licence (ICDL).

Attitudes – Entrants must have the will and determination to succeed on this challenging course. It is expected that entrants aspire to become officers in their country’s Armed Forces and intend to continue a career in the military as an officer on completion of the course.

Qualification Gained

  • The program awards credits to an undergraduate degree and hence conforms to the international academic standards of accreditation. The course will award approximately thirty (30) credits, a third of an undergraduate degree credit requirement.


The IOTP will be offered three (3) times for the year, with terms starting September, January and May of each year.