Combat & Security

Special Operations Sniper Course


Location: Caribbean Special Tactics Centre


This course is designed to prepare trained soldiers to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to effectively perform duties as SNCOs in their respective units and in similar capacity throughout their respective militaries. The course provides an advanced level of leadership development, technical training and professional military education and aims to help leaders to be adaptable and prepared to tackle future national security challenges. The course focuses on building leadership skills, including training and administration, lessons learned, interagency mission planning, and critical thinking.

Entry Requirements

  • Participation in this course is limited to soldiers who have been selected based on the roles they perform in their units. The course has a minimum class size of four and a maximum of ten
  • Can be attended by regular or reserve personnel who are a part of a Special Operations or Special Tactics Unit
  • Nominees are required to have satisfied all fitness currency test required by their respective countries and must be able to tread water for approximately five (5) minutes, and swim a distance of two hundred and fifty (250m) metres unaided

Qualification Gained

  • Certificate.