Combat & Security

Special Operations Rappel Master Course

Duration: six (6) weeks

Location: Caribbean Special Tactics Centre


Designed to prepare soldiers to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to effectively perform duties as Rappel Masters during operations that are conducted along the spectrum of conflict in both urban and the rural environments. The course is also designed to enable candidates to assimilate information and execute tasks effectively with specific focus on Special Operations Force (SOF) related tasks and activates.


  • Rope work
  • Fundamentals of rappel
  • Execution of safe rappels
  • Rescues and ascending

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates must have successfully completed the Basic Operator Qualification Course or an equivalent course. Can be attended by Regular or Reserve personnel who are a part of a Special Operations or Special Tactics Unit.
  • Nominees are required to have satisfied all fitness currency test required by their respective countries and must be able to tread water for approximately five (5) minutes, and swim a distance of two hundred and fifty.
  • Participation in this course requires medical screening for students over 40, as well as for students with corrective vision or hearing devices.

Qualification Gained

  • Certificate.