Combat & Security

Special Operations Command & Leadership Course

Duration: six (6) weeks

Location: Caribbean Special Tactics Centre


This course is designed to develop the leadership competencies of junior leaders to enable them to operate effectively and efficiently in any operational environment. This course is geared enabling operations in diverse terrain, while simultaneously building on a Caribbean Special Operations Forces (SOF) identity through shared knowledge, doctrine and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).


The course consists of four (4) Modules:

    Module 1
  • Navigate in diverse operational environments
  • Conduct route planning and preparation
  • Navigate to a destination

  • Module 2
  • Operate as a member of a CQC team
  • Combat marksmanship skills
  • House clearing drill

  • Module 3
  • Estimate process
  • Orders process
  • Introduction to the foint operational planning process (JOPP)
  • Tactical plan execution

  • Module 4
  • Team drill
  • Military law and code of ethics
  • Briefings and presentations
  • Command, control and communication (C3)

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates must be class Three (3) Infantry Specialist or equivalent
  • Candidates must have successfully completed the Special Operations Minor Tactics Course or and equivalent course
  • Nominees are required to have satisfied all fitness currency test required by their respective countries and must be able to tread water for approximately five (5) minutes, and swim a distance of two hundred and fifty (250m) metres unaided

Qualification Gained

  • Certificate.