Jamaica National Service Corp

Infantry Qualification Course (IQC)

Duration: eight (8) weeks

Location: Caribbean Military Academy


The IQC is an Infantry employment-specific and Infantry trade-qualifying course which culminates in the member being upgraded to Infantry Soldier Class 3. The course is heavily based upon Skill at Arms and Tactics at the individual, fire team and section levels. This phase is conducted by the CITC.


During this phase, the following are covered in detail:

  • Skill at Arms (SAA) (theory and practical)
  • Range Week 1
  • Range Week 2- M249, GPMG
  • Map reading/land navigation
  • Field craft
  • Rappelling
  • Law of armed conflict
  • Rules of engagement (Chief of Staff Orders for Opening Fire)
  • Military law
  • IS operations (theory)
  • Small Unit Tactics – Contact Drills, Patrolling, Battle Procedure, Section Battle Drills, Vehicle Contact Drills, Urban Patrolling, Quick Battle Orders, River Crossing, VCPs, PCPs, Ops, FIBUA, Raid, Crowd Control, Cordon and Search, HADR, KeyPoint Protection, House Clearing
  • Signals
  • Combat first aid
  • Battle inoculation

Entry Requirements

The JNSC PARTICIPANT has met the required standard and has chosen to continue employment within the JDF.

Qualification Gained

  • Certificate of Completion, C3 Soldier Qualification.