Jamaica National Service Corp

Infantry OJT

Duration: twelve (12) weeks

Location: The Jamaica Regiment


The aim of the Infantry OJT is to expose the JNSC Pte (NS) to the rigours and daily routine of the Infantry unit within Garrison, to include all ceremonial duties and unit training exercises. The intent of the training and education delivered on Infantry OJT is to condition the Pte (NS) for the consistent physical and mental agility necessary for operating as a member of an Infantry unit through indoctrination and programmed instruction. It should be noted that during this phase, while units will be tasking the Pte (NS) they will not be employed on operational tasking with or without weapons. This phase is conducted by Jamaica Regiment.


JNSC recruits will participate in a mandatory infantry familiarization training as follows:

  • Perform ceremonial duties and parades
  • Guard mounting
  • Drill (foot, weapon, theory)
  • Land navigation/ map reading
  • Piquet duties
  • Guard assist duties
  • Unarmed combat/self defence
  • Physical training
    • Obstacle course
    • Five-miles Load TAB
    • Ten-miles Load TAB
    • Sixty hours of mandatory physical training
    • Sports
  • Swimming
  • Command tasks
  • First Aid c/w practical displays
  • Intelligence familiarization
  • Field trips
  • Fire drill
  • Stores familiarization
  • Operational familiarization
    • Crowd control
    • VCPs/PCPs
    • Base security
  • Use of force/ROE
  • Rights of a soldier
  • Roles/responsibilities of the infantry
  • Roles/structure/responsibilities of the JDF
  • Camp maintenance

Entry Requirements

BRT; Intermediate Training

Qualification Gained

  • Certificate.