Jamaica National Service Corp

Basic Recruit Training (BRT)

Duration: sixteen (16) weeks

Location: Caribbean Infantry Training Center


The BRT aims to graduate Pte(NS) who can function effectively as a member of a section/team in necessary JDF administrative and training activities. It develops a conscientious, focused, physically robust and mentally resilient individual, by providing the foundational skills and knowledge inherent for employment within the military. This training challenges new members of the military; at the same time, it forms the first building block necessary to prepare individuals for intermediate and speciality training. The Caribbean Infantry Training Centre (CITC) conducts this phase of the programme.


  • Grace Week/ Barrack Room Procedures
  • First Aid
  • Foot Drill
  • SAA/ M16
  • Introductory Shoot
  • Weapon Drill
  • Tactics – Basic
  • Land Navigation
  • Squad Drill Competition
  • Family Day/ Platoon Drill Competition
  • Signals
  • Field Craft
  • Field Exercise/Adventurous Trg
  • Rights of a Soldier
  • Basic Leadership Trg
  • Physical Trg
  • Sports – Volley Ball, Basketball, Boxing, Iron Man Competition
  • Intangibles – Sleep & Food Depravation, Expectation dislocation, Enduring Condition of Discomfort, Long Tab with Load
  • Recruit Passing out parade
  • Swimming Training (ability group) – as per JDF Standing Orders
  • Adventure Training
  • Rappelling
  • Unarmed combat/ self defence
  • River crossing
  • Survival Techniques
  • Camping techniques
  • Command Tasks
  • Field exercise

Entry Requirements

Attain passing scores in the relevant entry tests set by the JDF Recruiting Office. Medical examinations are also done to pass the individual as medically fit for military training.

Qualification Gained

  • Certificate.