Military Wings (Fixed) Flying Course

Duration: 75 flying hrs. 64 hrs dual and 11 hrs mutual; 48 training days; 10 GTrgDs and 38 FTrgDS

Location: CMAS


The Military Wings (Fixed) Flying Course trains pilots in basic skills that are transferrable to more complex aircraft. Additionally, the course trains pilots on a multi-engine platform, building their proficiency with the rules and procedures for international/regional operations.


  • Multi-engine handling, instrument, navigation, night
  • Significantly instrument flying (IF) based
  • Done on DA 42L360
  • DA 42 Flight Training Device (FTD)
  • Level 5 FTD

Entry Requirements

  • The course is open to current aircrew
  • Medical category
  • ICAO English
  • Language Proficiency: Level 4 pass

Qualification Gained

  • Military Wings