Aviation Technician Courses

Duration: one (1) Year

Location: Caribbean Military Aviation School


Provide students with the knowledge and skills to competently carry out general aircraft maintenance duties on fixed and rotary wing aircraft.


  • Flight safety
  • Tools and test equipment
  • Technical publication
  • Weight and balance
  • Human factor in aviation
  • Corrosion control and NDT
  • Structural fundamental
  • Airframe structures
  • Sheet metal, non-structures and aircraft hardware
  • Airframe fuel system
  • Airframe inspection
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Landing gears system
  • Auto pilot system
  • Fire detection and protection systems
  • Aircraft communication system
  • Aircraft navigation system

Entry Requirements

  • Current aircrew
  • Medical category
  • ICAO english
  • Language proficiency - level 4 pass

Qualification Gained

  • Certificate.