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Brigadier Radgh Mason OD, JP, MSc, MMAS, MSS, BSc (Hons), psc.
President Caribbean Military Academy

The Caribbean Military Academy is the premier military academy in the region, demonstrating a culture of excellence in course delivery, ethics, and service. We are dedicated to serving the overarching role of guiding military and professional competence through research, learning, and leadership training across technical disciplines.

We are committed to sharing ideas effectively, to fulfill the potential of all who attend our institutions. Every interaction is important; far reaching and espousing the tenets of leadership, vision, and boundless possibilities.

The prevalence of crime and violence, poverty, and other psycho-social realities does not escape our attention. As such our scope extends to making a difference by informing the development of public policy. Our partnerships transcend all boundaries real or perceived and this describes the vessel through which we intend to impact the world.

I have been charged to execute a vision of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Lieutenant General Rocky Meade, a vision that invests in our greatest resource, the service men and women and their families, the people of our region, and the world. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Who Are We.

The Caribbean Military Academy (CMA) is the academic institutional arm of the Jamaica Defence Force.  The CMA provides a broad range of training and courses to developing militaries and para-military organizations from across the Caribbean region and around the world.

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Moneague Papers: The Jamaica Defence Force continues to strengthen its ability to undertake long-range strategic...

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The Caribbean Military Academy (CMA) was established on 1 May 2019 to function as a Military University, becoming the first...

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