Student Life

Student Life

Most of our students are from the JDF and other militaries from the wider Caribbean Region. Despite this, however, CMA continues to note an increase in the number of students hailing from militaries from the African Continent, Europe, South America and an increase in enrollment from the South American and Asian contents have been observed.

Our students can find rest and relaxation at our pool, bars, restaurants, gym, sports and social clubs, events and leisure facilities. Our students range in age from 17 years old, to mature adults preparing for the senior stages of their careers.

School Facilities

Our Student Services place much attention on the well-being and personal development of students of the CMA through promoting out-of-classroom affective learning, the planning and implementation of learning and development programmes and in overseeing our residential facilities. We also coordinate a number of Clubs and Societies which operate through our various Schools.

Residential Facilities

Our available accommodations include:

  • Barrack rooms
  • Condominiums
  • Dormitories

Each accommodation unit is furnished with a bed, cupboard/closet space, laundry areas and bathroom facilities. Additional provisions may include desk and chair and AC units.

Campus Life

The CMA also brings together military students from around the region and the world. The combined attendance in CMA programmes is approximately 4,000 annually, with 25% of the student body comprised of international students. CMA students come from nearly countries around the world.


Antigua & Barbuda
Cayman Islands

South Africa
Dominican Republic
St Kitts and Nevis
Trinidad and Tobago
United States of America

The highlight of the CMA is the highly respected and accomplished faculty of instructors and the world class learning experience. However, life at the CMA offers students riches beyond the classroom. The CMA comprises nine schools spread across seven sites that showcase the diversity of Jamaican life. Each site boasts a unique experience, blending rich on-campus activities with off-campus opportunities ranging from mountain hikes in Moneague to beach trips in Montego Bay.

All CMA sites offer students standard residential campus facilities including dormitories, mess/dining halls and access to laundry services. Health centres, banking facilities, IT services and physical and electronic library resources are also standard on all sites. Campuses also include a range of social areas including swimming pools at Up Park Camp and chapels at Up Park Camp and Newcastle.

More than a dozen co-curricular clubs and societies bring students together for outreach, advocacy, sports and other activities. One of the highlights of the year is the Commandant’s Challenge, an endurance challenge that takes place on the Moneague Campus. Competitors walk or run a minimum of 150 miles over a stipulated period, vying for the Commandant’s Challenge Trophy, a replica of a Knight's Medieval Dagger infused in a granite rock mounted on three layers of fibre glass base protected by two sculpted African lions.

KM to talk about Jamaica and the off-campus opportunities. Talk about the Officer’s Club. Melvin Rhoden. Activities at the club – tennis, volleyball. Camaradere at the club. Pictures inside the room in Moneague. The Gazebo area.

With commitment to increase annual student numbers to a point of 150 foreign students per year such participation will see students from theses nations as listed here with the addition of Asian participation and Eastern Europe making the COEs’ a true example of international participation and co-operation. To date we have trained well over 752 of our international partners.

First academic program launched in September. 17 intls and 29 Jamaica. Post graduate diploma in junior command and staff leadership. First semester online in collab with UWI on UWI learnin exchange; second semester residential in Moneague.

Our locations

The Cornwall Automotive Training Institute is in Montego Bay St James. The Caribbean Infantry Training Centre is in Newcastle St Andrew. The Caribbean Military Training Centre is at HMJS CAGWAY, Kingston 1, and the Caribbean Military Aviation is at Norman Manley Base, Palisadoes, Kingston.

The Academy’s schools are located at several different bases. Our main campus is at Up Park Camp, Kingston 5, where you will also find our Headquarters, the Caribbean Military Technical Training Institute, Caribbean Cyber Institute, and the Caribbean School of Music. The Caribbean Institute for Professional Military Education and the Caribbean Special Tactics Centre are in Moneague, St Ann.