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Regional Cybersecurity Training Needs Analysis Published

By: CMA | March 16, 2022

The Government of Jamaica through the Office of the National Security Advisor (ONSA) recently published the Caribbean Regional Cybersecurity Training Needs Analysis (TNA). This important project was done on behalf of the Caribbean Institute of Cyber Science (CICSci) to assist the School in having clear empirical evidence to support the design of its curriculum delivery models for the Force, Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean within the medium to long-term. Major Corlane Barclay, Director of CICSci was also a member of the ONSA team responsible for conceptualizing and driving the project which culminated in the support of Protection Group International (PGI) in conducting the study over a 4-month period.

The TNA identified eight (8) strategic drivers that highlight the potential requirement of particular skillsets which are key to developing and building a strong cybersecurity workforce, as well as an enabling environment for Jamaica and the Caribbean region:

  1. Acceleration of Digital Transformation National and Regional Efforts.
  2.  Critical National Infrastructure Protection.
  3. Enforcement and Compliance with National Cybersecurity Legislative and Regulatory Agendas.
  4. Capacity Building in National Security and the Criminal Justice System. 
  5. Strengthening Incident Response Capabilities.
  6. Adoption of Security Standards and Controls. 
  7. Improving National and International Cooperation.
  8.  Responding to the Role of Research and Development.

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