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Clubs and Messes

Clubs and Societies

We take pride in the educational, professional and personal development of all our students here at the CMA. Through various planned activities, students are exposed to outreach, advocacy, sports and a host of other disciplines.

  • Chess Club
  • Cultural Club
  • CMA Toastmaster
  • Debate Club
  • Language Club
  • Performing Arts/Band/Dance
  • Running Club
  • Service/Outreach Club
  • Shooting Club
  • Swimming Club
  • Yoga club
  • Martial Arts
  • Board Games

The Jamaica Officers’ Club

The Jamaica Officers’ Club (JOC) is a premiere membership Club that is located at the main base of the Jamaica Defence Force in Up Park Camp, Kingston. The JOC is the exclusive oasis of more than 400 Officers, Ex Officers, foreign military representatives and a select group of non-serving members which includes members of the diplomatic corps and JOC Committee-approved private and public sector heads from partner agencies.

The Club’s successful operation and dignified atmosphere is managed and maintained by a Management Committee. The members of this Committee are appointed by JOC’s President, the Chief of Defence Staff of the Jamaica Defence Force and tasked with planning and delivering a range of programmes and activities to enhance and cater to the social needs of its members.

The Club has a very welcoming ambience with amenities to include a Club House with a spacious dining area and bar, a swimming pool, a childrens’ play area, two (2) tennis courts and a volleyball court. The Club also has an active events calendar which consists of annual events as well as other specially planned activities that serve to enhance the camaraderie amongst its membership.